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Old manís cry

Sitting on his porch as the smoke falls away,
From his pipe of old that is glue to fray,
Grumbles as people pass his house of old,
Too many stories from which can be told,
From wife to children, grandchildren anew,
His heart cryís, and smiles with everything he knew,
Wife passed in her sleep, and the children come by,
While some of the older ones sit back and say why,
The daughter in laws and son in laws push them to drive,
To visit their dad, so the grandchildren can arise,
The grandad knows this is the truth,
You do not need a detective, or some clueless sleuth,
Thatís ok he says to himself,
He put his pride away as an old book on shelf,
He thanks life, for what it has given,
Many children and grandkids, life is worth living.
He has the hope, his children will not see,
From their children past emotions breeze.

By Troylato

© 2018 Troylato (All rights reserved)


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