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winters' ice and snow and cold all too soon will cast,
its' marvelous world of magic, upon us for to last,
icicle laden trees shall shimmer, around a sea of white,
the ground blanketed in powdery snow, in a mystical world
of light.

a field of snow is enchantment, a power beyond compare,
this wondrous world of nature, is something we all can share,
it transforms our surrounding, creating a heaven-sent peace,
the winter is truly a treasure, and its' pleasure never shall cease.

winter has many detractors, those who aren't fond of its' ways,
but who can't wonder and marvel, at the strikingly bright sunny rays,
bouncing off fields of snow cover, shimmering white in the sun,
glowing with a magical mystery, the power of what God has done.

By Wooleyman

© 2018 Wooleyman (All rights reserved)


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