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the masked bandit in the night he prowls in
stonelike silence
this marauding scoundrel lurks about, with very
little violence ;
scrounging garbage and other things he haunts
our very lives,
the raccoon's a genuine scamp, in his nightly jaunts
he thrives.

two ringed eyes make quite a sight, plus the ring
around his tail,
a mischievous imp on the hunt, in his quest he
shall not fail ;
he can cause trouble be assured, of this have little
but most of all he is a nuisance just a comical
little lout.

creating raccoons without a doubt, was a result of a
sense of humor,
make no mistake they're intelligent things and
this is more than a rumor ;
their nimble fingers are quite adept, and
can do many difficult things,
we have to admire their ingenuity, their rewards
it ultimately brings.

By Wooleyman

© 2018 Wooleyman (All rights reserved)


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