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We Still Have A Mouse Guest
he's definitely overstayed his welcome, that
furry critter so bold,
rambling around in his jauntings, his welcome
has long since grown cold ;
how did he get in to start with, we never asked
him to come,
I know where I'd like him to go do not care
where he's from.

he's a nuisance pest without question, the sooner
he goes far away,
and not have to look at him again, that surely would
make my day;
I hope no cousins are coming, that truly would
be a great crime,
how could we deal with their antics this living
vermin and slime.

mouse guest it's been no great pleasure, to have
you in our abode,
the sooner you leave the better, your presence at
last will erode ;
why did you come uninvited, no invitation was
ever sent,
you've tested our caring and friendship our patience
is truly now spent/

By Wooleyman

© 2018 Wooleyman (All rights reserved)


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