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First Letter to His Mistress
First Letter to His Mistress

To His Friend,
I figured I should take the time
to get to know his friends
and all of them talked about you
and yours and his loose ends.
They told me that no matter what
you’ve never given up
that you and him have something special
perhaps it’s even love.
They say that “on the rainy days
the sky seems so much brighter
if he simply closes his eyes
and pretends that he’s beside her.”
and that ”the songs about her
have always been his best
they hold a different passion
that isn’t in all of the rest”
They say that you’ve always been more than friends
but only through your writing
because you and him have always feared
real life is less exciting.
and that perhaps, if things were real
you both might make mistakes
and losing what you have together
is not a chance you’ll take.
So for now, though you write of love
and dreams that you both keep
he’s decided that in real life
he’ll give his heart to me
and since you are his friend
I just thought I’d say hello
and ask you to give me a chance
to go where you won’t go
Please take a break from mushy notes
and telling him you love him
descend down from his crimson skies
so you’re no longer above him
He really is amazing
I know you know that too
But please give him a fair chance
to love me as much as you.

His Girlfriend

By CrimsonSkies

© 2018 CrimsonSkies (All rights reserved)


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