From A Mothers Heart
Twas on an early and blustery November 5th day
My little girl was on the way
All excited and we'll packed for over a week
My darling Angel I'd soon be holding so mild and meek
But fate as it was proved wrong that day
As something went amuck and I knew right away
Doctor yelled out 'put her on the mask '( oxygen)
I could speak no words but knew they had a task
SAVE MY BABY inside I cried...... Last words I heard were ' The child has died'
They brought her to me in blanket of snowy white
I could not comprehend as my pregnancy had gone quite alright
But she turned during birth strangling in the cord
For nine months and now her death my final reward?
And so dear friends on this very day as memories come back to this aging mother's heart I ask you to pray for every child that is terminated because they are not wanted.I'd sure give everything to have my Tammie Lee in my life today.

By JacieStralkoDuca

© 2019 JacieStralkoDuca (All rights reserved)


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