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Wonderful Thing

When the children play and have great fun
As all of the games have already been won
Faith is like the air we cannot ever see
Not even in the night hanging from a tree

While the wind catches and starts to blow
As the waves strongly ripple to and fro
Hope is burning like the incandescent sun rays
We need to lift our hands in total praise

While the squirrels frolic and the birds do sing
The church bells give a hard daunting ring
As the eagle soars high way up in the sky
We need to give True Love a pliable try

When the traffic is loud and nearly at a stop
Happiness is bursting it might even pop
As the roses bloom with their aroma sweet
One day soon we will finally meet

When the Angels are visible and in plain sight
No more will we have to put up a fight
Nothing left but the Melodies of Spring
Love is such a fabulous and wonderful thing

Simplicity SFITB Challenge
SirLancalot (Rich P)

'Nothing left but ________________ '

Nothing left but the Melodies of Spring

By Creativity5363

© 2018 Creativity5363 (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Simplicity SFITB Challenge with sirlancalot (Rich P) read page for rules and REQUIRED PHRASE (challenge has been closed)

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