God only knows

What cannot be explained, some may attempt with facts that might amaze
inquisitive sharp minds, unsatisfied, 'til light illuminates through haze
As for me, should I wander through the wonders in an imaginary box
with mysteries and questions of what quietly appears to be,
holding keys of understanding when and if He wills that knowledge be unlocked...
Perplexed with some, I can accept, but for the life of me ... though I try
to poetically explain why willows weep or monarch's crawl before they fly...
I often gaze towards night sky so I might comprehend to some degree
of why He took the time to name each star or why He chose to love someone ... like me
Tell me if you so desire ... why leaves sway in an unseen breeze; the evidence is there.
And will the butterfly, cocooned soon struggle free and dance upon the air?

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By Debera

© 2018 Debera (All rights reserved)


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