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Thank You Lord.
I never had a lot of money
Never had someone to call my honey.
I never had a lot of food to eat
And often hand me down clothes and shoes for my feet.
I never had a nice house with lovely furniture and beautiful walls
Never drove a car or in school never went very far.
Never had nice jewelry or fancy things
Like Dimond rings.
And that never bothered me at all
For so many blessings on me the Lord let fall.
I am thankful the Lord helped even when I couldn't call out his name
Every time I got abused the Lord caught my pain.

The Lord blessed me with children of seven
Twins that are now in heaven.
My grand children all twenty two, ten great grand children he gave me
Also my sisters and my wonderful starlite family
Pretty good health and a wonderful Doctor and counselor to
When I was going through abuse the Lord got me through.
When I had my ribs broke over and over again
And when I couldn't let family or friends come in.
When I felt like I was walking on egg shells
When I was raped many times felt like I was living in a prison cell.

When I got shot on New Years I thank the Lord the bullet went in me
And didn't hit my baby.
When I need crutches to walk/ braces to help and a hearing aid to help me hear
When I felt no one cares wondered if God was really near.
Many blessings the Lord let fall on me
Blessings that mean more love that I would see.
For each child each friend a great Doctor and Counselor to.
Beautiful blessings that helps me through.
I still have panic attacks nightmares and P.T.S.D.
That won't stop me for being thankful for all blessings that fall on me.
Not a one do I deserve but the best blessings of all one I'll never part
That blessing is when Jesus came into my heart.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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By just_little_me

© 2018 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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