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Diamond Mask
~*~ John Denver ~ Perhaps Love ~*~

Diamond shifted, trying to get comfortable was difficult as thin as she had become and her stiff joints only made getting comfortable harder. Mommy and Daddy tried hard to find foods to help her gain her weight back, and she felt like all she did was eat and drink, but nothing seemed to add any weight. Her doctor said her weight was dropping at an alarming rate, but nothing seemed to help. She missed he brother Pearl. He was big and soft and warm, and didn’t mind when she laid on him and made bread. But Pearl was gone now, and she was even thinner and felt cold and stiff. Mommy picked her up gently and laid her in a soft warm basket filled with soft blankets and took her to see if her doctor had any ideas.

Her doctor and Mommy talked for a bit, her doctor petted her gently. Mommy was crying and her doctor looked sad. Mommy picked her up and held her for a bit then laid her back down gently. Then her doctor gave her some medicines and her frail body relaxed and she felt comfortable. As she nodded off she wondered what the new med was – it really helped.

Diamond slowly woke feeling better than she had in a while. She was warm and on something soft and warm, and best of all it smelled like her brother Pearl. She stretched contentedly and began making bread.

“Figures, plopped on top of me and making bread, and not even a hello first.” Diamond was suddenly wide awake, she knew the voice without opening her eyes. But Pearl would have sneezed by now, and he was gone. But could it be Pearl? Now she was afraid to open her eyes, afraid the beautiful dream would end and she would be cold and achy and Pearl would still be gone. A large orange and white head nudged her, encouraging her to wake and open her eyes. “Come on sleepyhead, I have missed you.” Then she felt him washing her calico fur and white blazed face.

Diamond looked up at her brother, “I have missed you so much. But how are you here? You are gone.” As she began to look around she realized she was surrounded. Dracula was very nearby with all of the indoor furball gang that were gone and Goldie was there too with all of the outdoor backyard pride the feral kitties belonged to. But that was not possible – they were all gone now. She looked at all of them confused, then she began to notice where she was. “Why am I outside? Mommy is gonna be upset with someone! And where are we? I don’t recognize any of this place.”

Dracula walked over and laid down beside Pearl. “What do you remember? What was happening just before you woke?” He waited a moment for her to think back, and he looked kinda sad.

“I was with Mommy and she was talking with our doctor. They both looked so sad. But I’m better now – Mommy and Daddy will be so happy!” She looked around some more. This place was lovely, Daddy must have been working really hard in the yard, but she did not recognize the space so it must be out front where she couldn’t see from the windows. “What part of the yard are we in? It is so perfect here. It was raining a bit when we left earlier, but it’s stopped now and the rainbow seems sooooo much prettier and so huge when I don’t have to see it through a window.”

Now Pearl looked really sad. “This isn’t in Daddy’s yard. Do you remember Mommy telling us stories about the rainbows whenever one of us left? About the special meadow . . . .?” His voice trailed off as Diamond pondered his words. Yes, Mommy spoke about a special meadow, and a bridge made of rainbows. A place for furbabies to wait and play until their mommies and daddies joined them. Suddenly her eyes flew wide open and she began to look around.

“NOOOOOO! Mommy has been trying so hard to help me get well – Daddy even lets me sleep with him so no one can bother me at night. They will be looking for me! I need to go home NOW!” Diamond’s words rose to a volume she didn’t even know she could create, “They need me, I cannot be here. They will worry about where I am and be so hurt.”

Dracula wrapped his large form around her to comfort her, “They know where you are, and yes they will hurt. But they knew you were hurting and frail, and that they couldn’t make you better. They will cry and be sad. But they will be okay because they know you are okay and that we will all be together someday.” Diamond looked at all of her furry family that was here and wondered, hoped that Dracula was right. Just then she heard her Mommy and Daddy, heard their tears. She ran to where the sound was, but they weren’t there – just a large crystal clear pond. Pearl walked up beside her, “This is a special reflecting pond,” he told Diamond. “Here you don’t see your own reflection, you see reflections of the ones you love who are not here yet. Let your heart think about Mommy and Daddy and look deep into the waters. You will see them when you look, and you can sent them your love.”

Diamond looked deep into the waters. As she thought about her Mommy and Daddy she saw them. They were crying, but she felt in her own heart that they would be okay, they would heal with time. “I love you Mommy and Daddy. I will try to be a good girl, and I will wait for you and keep watch for you.” And as she sent them her love she could feel them begin to heal a small bit. And as Diamond sent her love to Mommy and Daddy the sky around the pond lit up with the most beautiful rainbow she had ever seen.

EOW 11/12/2018

© Candace 11/15/2018

By SilverDawn

© 2018 SilverDawn (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The JUST FOR THE LOVE OF IT Challenge-read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The JUST FOR THE LOVE OF IT Challenge-read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - The JUST FOR THE LOVE OF IT Challenge-read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

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