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For my love of the birds.
Dear God,

In all of your creations,
I love the free birds of the air
the most, just love the way they
Make mornings brighter with their voices
Clear in the sky. A smile on my face or
A warm embrace will sweeten my day.
Early in the morning I knee down and pray,
Thanking God for the birds which he made,
I love the Lord for all his creations for they
Are brilliant by design and that came from
The hand of God.

So as I drink my coffee sweet
I pray The Lord feeds the birds
Of the air and treats them fair
And allows them to fly high into the air
Where they will be free birds with out care?
So I can take a good look in the air and stare
At the Lord's lovely birds of the air.
I do care about God's nature and his clean air.

By Slightlyslimer

© 2018 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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