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There is an art that pleases
Seen only in the night.
It weaves its glistering images
To touch the watcher's sight

There's a freshness in the air
as little creatures stare
under summers stars and

It spins its beauty through the day
Producing a Glorious picture show.
For all the creatures large and small
to watch the Sun set, gently fall

This beauty isn't by chance
Its being spun throughout each new day
Art work made so perfectly
Human hands, could never make

So take a moment,
like all Gods creatures
watching all the wonderful

all that breathes life
that eyes can see

heavens lights will shine
making many alterations
each brand new day to find

that brings back life, never shaken
when we too, become like those
little creatures, with faith
the road they know.

much will come, much will go
in this God made world...


Janet Ford


By girlsisy

© 2019 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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