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In going on 13 years as disabled man, at this point in time, pretty much worn out.

Euthanasia is on my mind quite abit, so tired of disabled living, even the most common tasks

like driving a car are no more, stairs become a scary sight, in my 6th decade of life now with

goals to far gone. Looking for Divine Presense the whole 13 years now, seems life loses much

of it's depth on all levels when our Mom and Dad depart this reality, Mom went home in 79,

Dad 2001, so much void, echo is felt and heard everyday. I once wrote in a poem the words

'for what purpose do a survive this hurting isolation'. I so miss the former me, I loved helping

people whenever I could, I give funds to a few causes still, but, the hands on, flesh type

helping is a thing of the past, even this move here from Poughkeepsie NY, has been quite

disappointing, my late Dad said once in the 90's 'once Angelo makes up his mind there

is no changing it'' closing with a lyric from a Joe Cocker, Jennifer Warren song 'who knows

what tomorrow brings in a world where few heart's survive''.


By Truenobleman

© 2018 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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