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The Tree of Woe
Who dares to cross their heart lost inside their dreams
may find that love is hard to awake if lost in thought.
While some are found reluctant and just incapable
of loving anyone, found locked inside this dream.
While some live a sheltered life deny their love
a warm bed, their unfulfilled dreams a name.

Be it right or wrong; one has to survive in life
whether you are truly loved by one or by no one
tormented by impatient love when lost in a crowd.
Love exposes our passions and desires that collide
for emotions cascade in succession leaf after leaf
on chilly autumn days mirrored in the sky above.

For if it must be the way I look upon you now
with my heart and my soul turned inside out
forgive me, no longer can I tell these tears
apart from the rain and a single teardrop.
I have come to know you the tree of woe
as love, the breath of life I dream away.

By poetotoe

© 2018 poetotoe (All rights reserved)


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