So Much Fun Preparing For Christmas
So today was the day, the family all so excited.
Especially the kids who were simply delighted
Into the car they all went to pick out a tree
AH! so much fun this was going to be

So many to choose from row upon row
When mother shouts out ' Where'd Devon go?
Searching a good 20 minutes a voice said to dad 'scuse me sir'
Is this your little fella asleep under the fir'?

With tree now home,needles spread all about
Time to go to the basement and get decorations out
Tote after tote climbing the stairs
They brought out all their holiday wears

Julia,and Maddie started a spat
Arguing over just where the elves should be at
Erika and Nick pulled out a big yule tide log
And sweet little Emerick rolled a bulb to the dog

Took them over an hour to untangle the lights
Maria discovered her last years candy cane tights
The tinsel was hung with the greatest of care
Collin just wanted night night with his teddy bear

Finally, the star was to be placed upon the tree
When all 8 of them yelled out ' pick me,please pick me.'
All finished now off to bed each one would dash
Then BAM! Bout 2 a.m. all were awakened by a Christmas tree crash

The Word Painting Challenge hosted by Myrna or Myrni as I call her and Yep I used my grand and great grands names in this one.

By JacieStralkoDuca

© 2019 JacieStralkoDuca (All rights reserved)


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