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It's Christmas time again, and as I sit here looking up at the stars
I wonder what they reckon of it all looking down from mars,
It's all beyond me, it were so simple when I was a lad
You got what you got, and was mighty glad.

People are to greedy today, damned computers and mobile phones
Text messages and all kinds of pictures and musical tones,
Rush and tear all over the place creating pollution its a terrible disgrace
Trouble with the world today ita all to fast, as if you were in a race.

Well Happy Christmas to you if there is such a thing today?
Families ain't so close as they used to be, what do you say?
All the fun seems to have disapeared to me iots all a bit weird
Well, I've had me moan so I'll have a pint now and shave off me beard.

This suit seems to get smaller every year
Still as long as I keep the children happy my dear,
Cause they're the ones that keep a smile on my face
But I say Humbug to this world its getting to be a strange old place.

By listener

© 2018 listener (All rights reserved)


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