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Mayan Empire.

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History was always one of my favourite subjects, one
that always fascinates when reading about other Civilization,
Cultures', Architectures' and their lifestyle, the Maya people
used to build the Pyramids those are still standing there.
What puzzles is that they abandoned their Mayan cities.
The Archaeologists' and the Historian studies show
a lot of details about their lifestyles. In present times,
the southern Mexico, Guatemala, northern Belize,
those left visible western traces of the Mayan residence.

The Maya developed astronomy, calendar systems,
and hieroglyphic writing. The Mayas were highly skilful.
Among many discoveries, those were found in and around
the Mayan Pyramids' there were places like palaces,
observatories, and architectures that show that those people
were clever using unknown tools those were not made of metal.
The discoveries of underground reservoirs' for storage of water
because that region was relatively dry, and water source scarce.
The Mayas also were good farmers. We also learn from
the Archaeological discoveries that the Maya adopted
a hierarchical system of government, which was ruled
by nobles and kings. By A.D. 1200, the Maya dynasty
finally came to a close, although some important centre's
continued until the Spanish Conquest in the early Sixteenth Century.

Maya history characterized as cycles of rising and fall, their Cities
and States arose from prominence and then fell into decline.
Mayan Culture often described as one of continuity and change,
the people were guided by a religion that was a foundation
of their culture. There some people believed in the influence
of Cosmos on human life. They also believed that the necessities'
were to pay homage to their Gods. They often expressed that
in their Rituals that still continuous in Christians-Maya's faith.
Independent Maya civilization lasts until 1697. The Spanish
conquered Nojpetén, the last independent City-State;
Millions of Maya people still inhabit the Yucatán peninsula today.
And the Pyramids hold a lot of uncovered Mysteries.

By Zuzanna Musial
Researched by Zuzanna Musial

Video Copyright William Byers
Produced and Directed by William Byers
Narration By: Mark Adams
Shot and Edited by William Byers

By Zuzanna

© 2019 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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