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DNR, Do Not Resuscitate has been in my health care papers for over 10 years. I was

admitted to the VA Hospital this past weekend, and along with my ID plastic bracelet was a

bright colored DNR bracelet; I spoke with a MD about my bracelet he asked me if it was a

or up to date, I said yes, then I spoke with a male RN about the subject, we exchanged our

thoughts on the matter, he said a few things about his father and grandfather both DNR

requests, both were Asian as he was too, I said I can't ride a bike or drive a car any longer,

after living like this since 2006, I don't want to live another ten years like this or worse, he

fully understood my perspective. I didn't get enough rehab during my recovery period when

I had my first stroke or when I fell backward down a flight of stairs and fractureing my right hip,

and not having the money to pursue rehab outside the VA, My recovery has been quite

limited, after 6 decades of this reality departure is just DNR away.

By Truenobleman

© 2018 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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