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Footsteps behind me
No sound to be heard,
Footsteps in whispers
Treading softly like a bird.

There is no human shape
But the footprints very light,
Carry on and follow me
Along the footpath of the night.

I stop and hear a whisper
From a voice I know quite well,
Telling me they are my guardian angel
And that Christmas is going to be swell.

A glow of light appeared before me
Nothing can ever explain this sensation,
I felt this wonderful feeling over my body
I felt this warmth and utter peace and elation.

Whereas before I had felt quite sad,
The light disappeared before my eyes,
No footprints behind on the path
Leaving me to ponder on this angelic surprise.

But just then I felt a caress through my hair
As if to say I'm still here my friend,
Go through your life in compassion and peace
Go forth in peace love and joy and let it never cease.

By listener

© 2018 listener (All rights reserved)


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