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An angel came to me
It was Christmas Eve,
I was awakened by singing
To give and to recieve.

She was an angel of beauty
With talking eyes, so blue,
That when I looked at her
I felt peaceful right through.

She said, I am a Christmas angel
Come to grant you a wish,
Be careful what you wish for
It will come true when I give you a kiss.

She said, I am not here to offer you money
So you can forget about gold,
I can't grant you just anything
And neither can I grant you, living to be old.

I can grant you a child of beauty
Who was born on Christmas day,
He is your lord and saviour
Who has helped you in your life along the way.

He has carried you in times of trouble
He has loved you all your life,
In your darkest hours of depression
He has comforted you in your strife.

I said yes, without him I would be lost
My wish would be to help others,
Please grant me the wish of compassion
So that I may give help to my brothers.

The angel kissed me on the cheek
And in the bright light she was gone,
The sheer joy I felt on that Christmas Eve
Was one of calm and peace the whole night long.

By listener

© 2018 listener (All rights reserved)


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