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Why don't you love me?
You keep playing with my head,
Perhaps you're playing away
With some other guy instead.

Don't be silly said Shirley
You're talking a load of rot,
We always has sex on Sunday
So be thankful for what you got.

I'm talking about real love
Not sex twice a year,
And when we does it
You never get's me a cold beer.

You never even kissed me
Last time as I recall,
You kept on about the wallpaper
Peeling off the bedroom wall.

Shirley laughed her head off
And said, what do you want from me?
I'm not the young sexy woman you married
You'll wake up in a minute, I am eighty three.

Shirley gave him a nice big cuddle
And he knew she loved him just the same,
And said well I suppose it is Christmas
You silly old fool, suppose I'll have to play
Your sex game.

By listener

© 2018 listener (All rights reserved)


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