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A Christmas Rose
A homeless man asked me one Christmas Eve:
Could you spare some change this day my friend!
In the spirit of Christmas, I gave him one dollar bill.
as he softly spoke, it's just enough for one Red Rose
I thank you and Merry Christmas to you,' he said.

On Christmas Eve my first good deed was done.
I then decided to buy flowers for my lovely wife;
Not just one red rose but a dozen Christmas Eve.
By chance, I saw him again by this old graveyard.
Curious, I walked into to see and stood beside him;
He saddened my heart; he was holding one red rose
I hardly knew him and we prayed the Lord's Prayer
in tears, I then presented him my wife's dozen roses.

Aren't they meant for your wife this Christmas Day?
I cannot accept them from you, he then softly spoke
these were a gift to your wife; no please take them
I know my wife for she surely will agree with me.

He then placed them upon his dear mother's grave
and as his tears rolled down his near-frozen face,
we both kneeled there in silence for one moment.
Then as I heard another voice standing beside us
who asked me, was his mother a friend of yours?
No, I said, no not really, I just met her son today.

As I got up to see who was talking to me that day
O dear God, that homeless man he just disappeared.
The stranger asked me. Did you know his sad story?
No, I said he was right here, you have to believe me!

He smiled, 'Don't worry my friend; I believe you too
he then told me, I have seen him here before as well.
It was on Christmas Eve, many years ago this day
I placed my first Rose on his dear mother's grave.
The poor man he was found here frozen to death
as the good son he returns each Christmas Eve.

Jesus Christ is with you every Chrismas Day.

By poetotoe

© 2018 poetotoe (All rights reserved)


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