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Never Give Up
Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive weekend ahead. All the best, my friends
Only half a month is left before us in 2018. Wow. What a wild year it has proven to be. Some blissful moments spent sailing smoothly and a few sharp turns along the way. Such is the nature of life. To flow. To flux. To continually place one foot in front of the other as the mysterious path unfolds. All that remains now is to finish the song on a high note.

Iím thankful that a selection of my work has been accepted to appear in a forthcoming issue of
Each of us goes through things in the Christian life. Some tests are pleasant others make you sick to your stomach. The trick is to never lose hope of the Cross. See the battle is the Lordís we are just coming along for the ride. There will be moments of depression, sadness & heart ache. Just remember you are the vine & he is the branch heíd love you to get through it if you just give him the chance. To take part in the heavenly dance. Many among us sleep, sick & tired. Yet be ever more vigilant because your enemy will try to get you down on every point & level. Resist Satan & draw near to God. There will be days when you feel like giving up yet hold on. There is a choir of angels in heaven cheering you on. Never relent to ever give up the fight of faith. Draw near to God & he will draw near to you. In the end we will lay our crowns at the feet of jesus in heaven. Never give up !

Never Give Up

the sheer elegance of the Holy Spirit as in singing a song
mark the one willing to explore awe so much more give place to the door
fill your mind with the sequence of lov through shoulders peak
love is the mere essence of my existence

search your mind,
embrace the plow a newer day has dawn
the enhance building of the flys
come as no surprise

By Mario William Vitale

© 2018 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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