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Fonzie on Happy Days jumped over the sha
reach me resist me way close of getting clean shine on the surface we shall sing
in each new day we have to take time out to pray with words to say come with me
boxes for goldie locks is a meat for a noodle traveling on a zero breaks in the middle
pass the test post a Willow as I digress to pass at every test why should we regret
snuggled in the middle while playing a cassette tape of Prince standing in the middle
treasure the years do pass cheer the star treatment as well as hard as we vent

clean sheets in dire need to resist sealed within a kiss shallow nerves in the middle
borrowed finances taking romances barbed wire fences match the room to fill
cement shoes on Hill Street Blues the stereo of fallen yesterdays kiss to twist
protection as in learning came alarm what pot has been stirring,

Fonzie on Happy Days jumped over the shark

places, faces & barnyard fences
with traces to mend the bases
tempted toward traces

By Mario William Vitale

© 2018 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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