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Birds of a Feather
When your passionate-lies become you
I cannot resist you; so speak experienced
of your tell-tale lies, lie Raven Never More.

The game of love, of Doves as lovers is over
get used to it; it never ends, what is not theirs
the love between Doves and Ravens, Evermore.

Birds of the same feather can fly together, not us
for I am a Peacock, and you are a Raven Evermore
never to knock at my door, I changed the lock again.

Now forever, I bar your passions your cries evermore
I once let you into this heart, you pecked at, nevermore
cry your Raven cries evermore, nevermore to peck at me.

Never leave me, nevermore all your lies, all my eyes to see
your black heart is gone, nevermore, nevermore to fly away
I did it, and I admit it ever the more, nevermore to be caged.

By poetotoe

© 2018 poetotoe (All rights reserved)


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