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Little One

Little one, don't stray to far
away, the storms are coming.
the wind is a blowing..

Little one, granny will be
coming for her visit soon,
she'll bring you rhubarb,
and apples, and sugar
plums for you to eat..

Little angel of the night,
you roam away, far away,
in your sleep you walk,
do you follow the little
faeries, to where they
live in the darkest part
of the forest?

Little one don't stop
dreaming, cotton candy
and caramel corn is what
you eat when you sleep..

Play and dance and sing
those songs that makes
your eyes dance along
with each tune you play..

Little one mommy shall
kiss you soon, after your
last prayer, and a story
of your choice I shall
read my dear..

Stay sweet and smile
my little one, your the
apple of my eye, each
and every day..

By derena

© 2018 derena (All rights reserved)


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