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Forgot Where They Came From.
In this day and age, we can put ourselves or be put into positions causing us so much anger,

hurt and pain. As one attempts to compromise due to a weakened financial condition, outside

forces cause undo stress; in what should take months to make solid, is rushed into reality in

a matter of weeks.

No compassion is found, among the well off as they forget times of being less well off. In all

efforts involved to relocate, step by step plans can become more difficult, under financial

limitations; yet, of all our needs it is only time people will not grant us, in getting our home

and life together.

In the end as a few years pass a mold does gel, pieces fit into place and resentment lingers.

Looking back at those uncertain times now, a contentment is in place and any gratitude is one

dimensional; so many elements to encounter in this life, one is the unfair judgement made by

those , who forgot where they came from.

Forgot Where They Came From.

Written March 14.1996.

*Written about the times in our life when we move and get little or no support from people.

By Truenobleman

© 2018 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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