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Soon will be New Years
The gun I still see so clear.
I still hear the bang bang bang in my head
I still see as I was rushed in the hospital almost dead.
My last rites they gave to me
I kept praying please God let me live for my 2 babies.
The gun to my stomach as he shot me
That New Years eve.
The Doctors said I wouldn't make it through the night
I went out like a light.
In I.C.U. I was for weeks they said
They thought I'd be dead.
God did give me a miracle as he didn't let the bullet end my life
God stayed with me even as I was an abused wife.
I'm free from that now and alive I thank God for staying by my side
Yes the bad memories still live inside.
As I forgive just can't forget
The gun I see as my stomach the bullet hit.
Blood was all around
Close to the liver the bullet was found.
New Years brings bad memories
Also many thanks to God for staying and loving even me.

By just_little_me

© 2018 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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