Childhood's winter window seat.
Childhood's winter window seat.

One snowy night cuddled down and all our family was tucked snug in bed
The lights were dimmed and my childhood prayers, all faithfully said
My sleepy eyes, too soon wide-eyed somehow just got up and went
So off to the front living room, I seated myself on a cozy heater vent
Happily mesmerised in winter's window world only to be interrupted by
The comical wheezing of Daddy's sneezing an alternate snore and a sigh
The wooden window ledge that i leaned on was built low to the floor and wide
A perfect look-out station, I told myself to venture off on a 'let's pretend' ride

Directly across the road, mentally, I noted a forebodingly dark window pane
I saw reflected there, a wee ominous shape in the neighbours glassy domain
But surely they were all in bed sleeping, so alone and very still ... there I watched
I didn't know what to make of this strange figure, a vague mysterious dark blotch
And so... my imaginings spun in circles 'round my brain and I squirmed uneasily
Then and there, the spooky thing in their windowpane moved right along with me
And as fear runs like a uncontrolled yo-yo on my weakened shivering spine
I thought for sure I was being haunted by some leftover nightmare design!

Frantic, I leaped up to run where my daddy's drones of sputtering, snorts...
But first... one last quick glance back...
And the ghost arose running along with me, taking a simultaneous course!
While gripped in fear, thoughts suddenly dawned on me...and this is ridiculous, i know
I scared my poor self with my very own harmless dark reflecting, shadow...

But no matter now ... 'twas still a perfect place on a cold sleepless winter night
When comfortable silence was such perfect company and my childhood delight
With my arms criss-crossed, my chin resting on my heater-warmed hands
Between moon and street lights, splendid starry twinkling in many a dance
Snow fell gentle-like on lawns, entertaining my over-active imaginations
Like choreographed splashes ... glittering pure-white wondrous illuminations
One by one, lights opened and shone out upon... a snowy winter wonder night...
Soon ... a little girl was ready to climb back to her bed... in early morning glorious light.

By Debera

© 2019 Debera (All rights reserved)


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