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Tired Of Being Angry.
In Aug 2005 I suffered my first stroke, confusion and fear ruled the day; now near 13

years later after knowing I survived 2 of them, void appeared and so much regret to all

the things I took so for granted. In 06 I returned to my home state of NY landing in my

brother's low class trailer park,that this was a fair attempt to get past

the strife of younger years with him, a Divine given chance to bond, it fell flat on its face. In

moving twice since to a Senior housing in Poughkeepsie NY, lower class people caused it to

go down the toilet, now living in Highland NY since July 2018, not pleasant here either, got

into a shouting match with the management here last week over the neighbors above us and

the disturbing noise at all hours of the day, wrote 10 letters of complaint to management, and

management took a dim view of complaining. So as a new year rolls in, I need peace in mind

looking into obtaining a gun permit NOT easy to get in this dam liberal state, perhaps it will

create perspective because, I'm so tired of being angry.

Tired Of Being Angry.

By Truenobleman

© 2019 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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