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In respect of Australian Aboriginals.
Invasion day, 26/1/19.

I can't understand
how they say this ancient land
was discovered by Captain Cook.
60,000 years
of Aboriginals being here
simply disappears...
(in the white man's book.)

Does not 'DISCOVER' mean 'found for the 1st time?
Does not 'TRUTH' mean HONESTY, ' in your mind?
Does history
only have legitimacy
if it's white?
Must Black history constantly be blotted out of sight?
Is that really right?

Does not 'UNINHABITED' mean that no ones there?
But here for 60,000 years they lived breathing this air.
And when Cook listed ALL the fauna, Aboriginals there,were listed.
That is why I write this and hold my pen tight-fisted.

On the 26th of January,
everyone will sing 'we're young and free,'
and I,again, will have to try
to hold warm tears inside my eye,
inside my soul,I hear them cry,
those ancient tribes ,so many lost,
the blood they bled,what awful cost.
Their history wiped away,
'I'll not forget on any day,
especially not,Australia Day.

By Kay P M-Devenish

© 2019 Kay P M-Devenish (All rights reserved)


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