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I was depressed, confused and blinded;
With no righteous path to be found.

Yonder I see the vast, placid island field.
I made up my mind and rush I did.

Azure colored skies, greenest grass veld,
And, endless blue water all around.

Coconut trees gently swayed in the wind;
Repeating their dance un quelled.

How utopian a place for my life to end!
My torturous life to be left behind

My brain rushed to show me the obvious;
Arenít you enjoying the world?

Witnessing heaven on earth, open eyed,
Telltale, age old wisdom mocked;

Sure of the obvious, unheard after-life,
Why drown in an abyss, morbid?

Returning to my eden of a home, I whistled!

By Suvasini

© 2019 Suvasini (All rights reserved)


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