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I Love You - (with all my heart)


I sought a woman to find love you are;
The same surname, same shape, no longer you;
Now you have become my love from afar
And fill my heart daily with poems to view.
Seems that beauty which you hold in lease there,
While I'm over here wanting miracles,
Is love's way of making us increase our care
But now that you are love you can change the rules.
Our love is growing fast though in loves past
There were love spells that weakened with the years;
Soon we'll have miracles and no longer fast.
Sought a woman - love you are and your love endears.
Love overcomes distance everyone knows,
We will then be lovers - that we know shows.


How do I love you? In so many ways!
I love you in depth, breadth and my dear
This my heart does feel as my spirit sways
With your spirit even though we're not near.
Even is my need for you as moon beams
Cover the Earth as red light covers Mars;
Quiet's my need at times as candlelight lights dreams
Yet mighty at times like storms on the stars.
I love you freely as does the good knight,
I love you purely as the priest loves prayer,
I love you with passion all through the night,
More than those much thought of, for you're fairer.
Oh I love you with my every breath;
I'll love you beyond the stillness of death.


Because you overcome like no other,
Because you're more gracious, like a princess,
You can help me pursue dreams that hover;
Wrap me in baby blue and my brow caress
Till my heart shall grow larger matching yours
Like twins and closer move for warmth and strength
Knowing alone, I whimper at your doors
Mistress of my mind and passion at length.
You lift me upwards, you could bring me low -
I'm your gladiator, here is my sword;
No worthier cause could I fight - I glow.
Princess help me pursue the romantic word
And know that the word that dazzles me most
Is the one I use when of you I boast!

4. The Poet had no idea that writing love poetry on the net would lead to 14 days on the otherside of the world.

I thought I knew your love well through email;
Heard you sing, saw you high kick, wave to me,
Felt your warmth, felt your truth to never pale -
Yet touching in flesh, love grew enormously!
Embracing forever we could then see.
Word had been our link, our kiss, our fondle,
Revealing our care and sharing lovingly,
But with eye gazing words could no longer rule.
Even through email now forever loomed true.
What can more than words show our sweet hearts now?
Why, just my eyes see your heart-love show through
Let alone kisses showing love each hour.
Our poetry is now based upon fact;
Not that just our words passion used to lack!

5. The Poet in tasting real success, hopes 14 days will turn into countless days from Christmas on.

Oh now our appetites are made more keen
For we two have come face to face at last;
Years of wanting without feasting we've been,
So holding back wasn't needed in our fast.
Healthier we are now we have eaten,
The sweet sauces of love added delight
And still linger making me think quite often
Of future feasting in the bright moonlight.
The medicine of a kiss cured my state
To face the lonely trip away from bliss
Back to the land of thoughts and empty plate,
Though Christmas we'll celebrate with a kiss.
Fourteen days in July - worth fourteen years;
Pure love to profit fourteen poets' careers.


Of all the mirrors on earth this night,
It's behind yours I star-wish to be
And all I wish through silver back with might
Are little girl waves and blown kisses to me.
I will tap tap and will soon learn the way
To talk as you walk and I lounge and look
And all I wish through silver back with play
Are little girl waves, you read from my book.
Read poems that make me cry and tap and plead
To hold you as you read of love and bliss,
Then little girl wave, blow kisses of need
And I will know a Goddess of Love there is.
Of all the mirrors on earth this night,
It's yours I wish to be behind with might.


Beware of wizards who with wander wants
Speak sly words of straight lines that never curve
Who kneel once to one yet all in their jaunts.
Beware of me who's constant when I serve
And kind hearted words spring straight from my heart.
Beware of wizards who say they've such fire
And gauge for yourself, if self's their chief art.
The player wizard seems to wind up well
But look again and his gain has gone rank.
Beware of wizards who smile when they tell
Straight's their wand, and on their word you can bank.
That's me! but beware unless words match deeds.
For you, you know lush growth follows my seeds.


Playing the clarinet along the vale,
Playing songs of pleasant fond memories,
In a clearing I saw my darling, pale;
She said to help her with her miseries.
'Play a song about pure love and patience,'
I played a group of songs of yesteryear.
Play them again she said still feeling tense;
So I played and played till we wept a tear.
We both sat down and began to sing the songs,
Then wrote the words along with new love poems
With mud and make-shift pens to right all wrongs
And recited answers to all our groans.
To see us lovers like children playing
One would not guess our love we were saving.


Oh a dream of mine flew over the vale
To mansions where new love dwells forever
And it drew me to follow and prevail
On the strength of visions from my lover.
Oh for she in poetry paints wonders
With brushstrokes so beautiful to behold;
My dream was delighted and still ponders
His luck for new dreams he can now unfold.
Now my dream flies over the vale with flair
To mansions where new love dwells forever
Calling all lovers away from stale air
Of love that's faulty and tends to sever.
My love has led me in dreams revealing
How our distant love can be most fulfilling!


These three years were worth waiting for so long
For in that short time my dreams of youth flowered
And now my stay on earth's a joyful song
Like a kookaburra though deep voice lowered.
These three years were worth waiting for so long
For in short I fell in love to great depths;
Too far away, is too far away, is wrong
But seems right till love up-turns logic's thefts.
These three years were worth waiting for my dear;
I'd hate life's pain without our love's pleasure;
Atoms of me now vibrate without fear
Of ever losing life's meaning till closure.
Then without our atoms and in spirit
Our love from earth will shine with top merit!


Love finally in fantastic triumph sat
While divorce papers fluttered round Him
Creating for us our greatest love pact
Though ten thousand miles make some's chances slim;
From your bright eyes Love His best lesson took -
How your fire kindles in one, great desire
Which promotes poetry to fill a book
Where love rightly figures as beauty's sire.
Love gave me great faith in love from boyhood;
He could not bear to see total let down;
Through my poet's pen He made it understood
That you and I have a loveship that's sound.
Love finally in fantastic triumph sat -
Love poetry has led us to where we're at.


Some men glory in their woman's bosom,
Some in their eyes and thighs but I cannot;
Some glory in her kisses, in her fun,
Where all I do is gaze at a camera shot.
Oh every man takes his special pleasure
Wherein he finds a joy above the rest
But a woman's parts are not my measure
While I'm ten thousand miles from our love nest.
It is a special love I have for you dear;
It's better than beautiful, it's the best,
Even better than wonderful it is clear
And soon you will be better than my guest,
Then will I give you ultimate glory,
Body and mind in union we will be.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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