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I Love You -(there's no doubt)


When I've eaten at your table, robbed still
By moonlight not colouring your long hair
As the rising moon begins her climb and thrill
I know some seed's sown by your table's fare
To save the waves on beach and river's bend
For hungry eyes of sweet love lulled in dream.
I know there's love - felt Love her glory send,
Sweeter than ever tasted - tongue did gleam,
Fairer than any wide eyes could behold -
Mutual murmurs, unheard, were there I'm sure
For food's my forte, food from you makes bold.
To eat and watch you eat, I want some more.
When I've eaten at your table till spent
Know I'm forever hungry when love's meant.


Oh four years the flowers of the garden bloomed
Like the stars when the moon sleeps not to upstage
Or thousands of butterflies, spring intuned -
Lovers floated on silver clouds - an age.
On the fifth the Pain of sweet love set in,
The sensitive plants felt sounds of despair;
Pain, love's companion plays a part like sin,
Unavoidable; the moon wakes up there,
The hot sun drives off all the butterflies,
The bright clouds must become black clouds of rain.
Overcome Pain we must, else some love dies.
For the said lovers long distance brings pain.
Love can be more cherished through Pain's presence
Or, dissolving love seems like common-sense.


Oh just a moment, one gleam from her eye
May I indulge in - calm eternity!
Of sparkling mystery, open to sigh,
No half glance, no half veiling thoughts from me
Oh the glory! finding meaning I sing
Needing my head on her soft lap, eyes up
Studying her heart, perfect voice singing,
Her lips, her bright eyes and her long hair up.
My eye with one moment envies my thought
Which sees her form soft sliding in her gown
That adorns her limbs - life and love not short.
The man envies all smiles that remove her frown,
Oh one moment, just one gleam from her eye
Would make me a whole man ready to die.


He adored the Lady, bright eyed, bright haired -
The Poet's Soul, ever in the starry air
Of midnight at her pillow he waited
And with a sweetness the moon stroked her hair
Luring the Poet to lean and kiss her eyes
Seeking her soul to win and join with his.
Silver are the Poet's words with dazzled sighs
He sends her as she sleeps in smiling bliss.
'Oh young Soul leave your flesh but for one night
And come with me to my land' the Poet said
'Our bed is lovely, soon bodies' delight.'
Kookaburras call, happiness we're fed
Smiling and laughing, with us beckoning
Bodies to join our chorus and dancing.


Dear Lady dance new steps toward love's heart
More slide than slip, more sweet smiles than sad face.
Just start skipping child-like, child skilled but art,
Finish with eyes twinkling and then embrace.
Dear Lady the sweet little girl restart,
Don't lose that part of love witnessed I to tell,
End with the ending withering from the start,
Dear Lady you withered me so well, so well!
The spirit of love should have such fulness
Not lost through long distance, long face short shift.
I long for you, am long for you no guess
Only short after hard end game's rich gift.
Dear Lady dance new steps towards love's heart,
Together forever let's practice love's art.


Before we became lovers what were we,
Students sitting for our love art finals?
Practicals passed poorly, pen our last plea?
Paired up with poor partners or I struck walls,
If successes came, dreaming you drew them forth.
Good fortune for loving tomorrow now
As we watch each other from south and north
For love, all love, every email loved hour.
Let us possess one page of poetry
Daily making love, dwelling as one;
My eyes half buried in your breasts so to see
Your smile, your lips make love so I'm undone.
Heart from the south loves northern heart's heart beats;
Your heart my love stirs astonishing feats.


Say that you treasure love till the last star
And I will measure such time's length with smiles.
Mention my boldness, my blush, brain won't bar
For I love my crush across ocean's miles.
You have set me on a mission of love
From which I'll never need falter you've said,
Making me a bigger man because you approve.
I boast of your beauty and bouncing bed
And when absent my spirit dotes on you.
Blame not me you are not the girl next door
And I've had to travel more miles to woo
Than most men in history - your hand's worth more.
Even when the last star goes out let's kiss;
Touch'll be delightful but your eyes I'll miss.


Against love, mainly distance reared cruel night
And lost light drained growth, love poems fostered well
With kisses and sweet talk in candlelight,
Word romance without daily touch and tell,
Deep heart felt, pretty phrases rare each day,
Made him king, for four years, more than mere man
Whose kingdom rose and crashed to his dismay
Though never outlawed her from his flawed land,
Flawed heart, flawed soul, hoping her heart, miles span could
But ten thousand miles is ten thousand miles.
Love's power over distance he understood
For love raised high his mind under her smiles.
He praised her love rather than cursed distance;
Love may well improve with poetry's romance.


These two of me, soft breeze and strong north wind
Have reached your far haven for quite awhile.
The first my hopes the other quests of mind,
Both with easy and hard parts no denial.
Most are of the former for pleasure feasts
As poetry I post or fly July
But being alone looms the worst of all beasts
Made less by knowing your love will not die.
My quest is to unite two shores with heart,
Mine and yours so distance doesn't some harm mount,
The hardest task of a lover's blest art.
Grand rewards there will be at the lovers' fount.
The strong north wind blows stronger with rewards
Though nothing can becalm love's drive northwards.


When a young man, studying hard to teach
I walked alone on Sunday afternoons.
Come with me back then by bus to the beach,
Come fill my life then as now with fast tunes.
Even younger wandering the countryside
Alone at dawn at peace I wanted you;
When to get wet and couldn't get wetter ride
On our bikes, with a kiss, would've been bliss true.
Oh but where I really wanted to wander
Is where you were alone and wanted me
As your smiling prince as your protector.
Take me into your every fantasy!
Into life, into thought, into your heart
Take me so we will never be apart.


Being your slave, what would I do for you
All the hours and times of your heated desire?
Think not just love between the sheets I do
Nor an in-between lover you require
For although the notion of between excites
Being your slave means all round action;
Between your toes (I love) with licks and bites?
Between your thighs with murmurs? (I'm fond)
Between your lips, here and there, to come back?
Between your breasts in all manner of ways?
Oh being your slave I will be on track,
Pleasing with orders from you night and day.
Oh but I believe love brings out the best
So I'll love you, worship you with great zest!


If I could be a girl for just one day
I'd want to be you in all your glory;
I would lie in bed dawn to dawn and play
Exploring every sensation of me
So then I'd know how to more pleasure you,
Make your firm well formed breasts throb with delight,
Deep kiss you knowing places as you do
Where maximum enjoyment abounds - like
Nibble, lick, lap, push, pull, as I will know
From my time as you in all your glory;
Every place I'll know, where, how to go
As a master musician fingers free
Bringing out of you sweet tunes never heard
As your moans and sighs match my each thrust word.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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