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Dancing with skies that danced with her.
She wafts through the land like the first day of Spring
She hears soft breezes whisper as the birds start to sing,
She feels a sense of perfect peace as it strolls at her side
And realised that only beauty was her one and only guide
Her soul was like a rising lark, her heart was open wide
Scampering through the heavens with the skylark by her side,
Her song was soft creation and her eyes were turquoise blue
And the path on which she travelled was a path forever true.

Dancing with skies that danced with her through many shades of grey
Whatever songs she sang to heavens heart, her breeze took far away,
And often in the fog draped dawn where just the sun had rose again
She’d wrap herself in mist net veils, then sail across the gold sea trails,
And far away across the sea, her angel wings brought her back to me
To kiss my eyes and bring back to me such wondrous serendipity,
As talking meant nothing more than silence draped along life’s shore
Walking together like marionettes, adrift upon life’s gold sunsets.

A smile of soft celestial flame made sunshine’s embers die with shame
Her songs really meant nothing more than silver seas lighting the shore,
Church bells made their circled sound that echoed back from holy ground
The sea was tipped in black and gold as riders slowly reared and shoaled
And she came whisper soft and calm, to rid the world of fear and harm
As in life’s restless breathing sleep there were no vows it couldn’t keep
She made the moon and sun shake hands, for only starlight understands
Her rhythmic velvet poetry sometimes to dream sometimes to see…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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