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I Fix, Promise.
The power comes from somewhere,
Abilities to have fun, from no money,
van Heek had it right,
‘’Have the employer something he and his family can enjoy, the times he is free’’
Now I’m older, and a parent, it seems halfway fair.

I am Happy, that I can bring my kids places,
Let them enjoy other childrens faces,
I am happy, I have a roof, and mostly food in my belly,
that is what matters most,

The problem is, I can be so much more,
Like the ones reading this, can relate,
I’ve been studying my ass off,
When life knocked on my door,
Maybe it was fate?
Or I was stopped,
So I could enjoy my little kids, and Love.

They are still little, I am working mentally and physically,
I will get there, will be a teacher.
Before that, ill eat this sourness,
and enjoy my heart so much more,
Cuz if not for them,
Why would I even try?

They were given, with so much love,
by my Lord and Savior,

I will do my best,
Even when my mind plays tricks,
Tries to make my mind a dark harvest,
I promise my Heart,
I will always do my best to Fix.

By Xibell

© 2019 Xibell (All rights reserved)


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