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The Love Is Gone
Youíre smiling through your eyes,
Afraid to tell ya,
That Iím feelin so much pain,
Iím fallin to my knees,
Pleading to god that,
I can stand through this rain,
I donít know what to do here,
without ya,
Youíve be here so many years,
I know that itís time,
I gotta tell ya,
This is my worst fear, but

I canít stand to feel this anymore,
I donít wanna hold you,
I donít wanna see you there,
I donít wanna love you anymore,
I donít wanna cry,
I donít wanna care,
I donít wanna need you anymore,
Itís just too much to take,
Itís just too much to bare,
I couldnít stand,
To see the pain it gave ya,
Thatís why I wouldnít dare,

Youíre walking out the door,
I need to tell ya,
I canít seem to get it out,
You turn around again,
As if to tell me,
What itís been all about,
Youíve been waiting,
For the right time,
To say these words to me,
You say,
You cannot do this anymore,
Itís time that you be free,

You tell me you canít stand the way your feelin,
Donít wanna hold me,
Donít want to see me standin there,
You donít want to love me anymore,
You donít wanna cry,
You donít wanna care,
You donít wanna need me anymore,
Itís just too much to take,
Itís just too much to bare,
I canít stand to see the pain,
It gives you,
But Iíve had my fare share,

As I stand there,
I watch you walk away,
Away from all we had before,
I stand up,
I turn around,
Itís time I close the door,
If I only knew,
what I had known before,
I would have never gone astray,
Now that youíre without me,
Itís now,
I wanted you to stay,

I canít stand the way Iím feelin,
I canít hold on,
I am standing bare,
I donít wanna love anymore,
I donít wanna cry,
Just too tired to care,
You donít need me anymore,
Itís just too much to take,
Itís just too much to bare,
I canít stand to feel this pain,
I donít wanna lose,
A love like this was rare,

And I donít wanna give up what we started,
I just wanna hold you,
I just want you back,
I donít want to give away forever,
Donít wanna break our vows,
Donít wanna paint it black,
I gotta get you back,
I need you baby,
I used to make you laugh I need to make you smile,
I want to keep going on forever,
Without you Iíd die my baby,
Please come back awhile,

But we couldnít even stand how we were feelin,
We didnít wanna hold each other,
Or see each other standing there,
We were tired of loving on forever,
We didnít wanna cry,
We didnít wanna care,
We didnít need each other anymore,
It was just too much to take,
Just too much to bare,
There was just too pain between us,
Too see it to the end,
It just wasnít fair.

By PrincessWhit96

© 2019 PrincessWhit96 (All rights reserved)


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