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A dream of Heaven
I dreamed of a city called Heaven
so bright and so fair. When they
open the gates of Heaven I saw all
my friends and my loved ones there
they knew me and we all held hands.

I was so happy to see them I knew
this is the way it would be, cause
my Father and his son Jesus oh
my I knew they were the ones who
would greet me.

When I woke I felt so happy I got
down on my knees and thanked
God and His Son Jesus for all they
had done for me, I had a dream
that was so real to me, dear Lord
I believe this is the way Heaven
will be.The Gates of Heaven

Written November 17,2016
Revised January 12 2019

Author Clara Case ( Deen )

By deeny107

© 2019 deeny107 (All rights reserved)


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