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I Love You And You Love Me


When women write of sensual things men learn;
Through learning of beauty's rose they survive -
When loved they're ripe and eating's thereby earned.
Teach me dear love that I might die to live,
That I might become a plum you can't resist,
Feed your flame with fuel only found here my flower,
Protect your poetry's success with love's fist,
Call like spring so you leave your winter's bower.
So write your words that reading transforms me
Into the man you must have this evening.
Tell the secrets that touch you secretly
That I might pleasure when you come running.
Let's eat our fill that love longs to lavish;
Don't pass me by because of my brash wish.


Come swim the inside-outside pool with me;
Winter warmed summer, stars candles floating.
We'll control the heavens tonight with glee;
New star patterns push 'round, new skies making;
Wish on this star, that star, prod till penny drops,
Rewrite night's love story, we two the stars;
I'm the moon, you're Venus - no need for props.
See how other stars gather, even Mars;
They know they will witness more than love's kiss
For we celebrate how love's changed our world,
Time to discard old clothes, old frowns for bliss.
The stars twinkle in our eyes, flesh unfurled.
We swim the inside-outside pool lovers -
Night's winter so we'll need thick bed covers.


Those felt sun's beams glorious bosom clean
When I'm present with poesy's pen dear heart
Your beauty's being glows with wondrous sheen
Which tempts my stay to copy lips said part,
Sweet dear chequered dress of flowers, delightful -
Gentle eye's mirrored words kissing, wooing.
Reading your firm grasp of poesy has pull
Even here but life but a day can bring -
Fragile dew drops in sunlight without you.
Life's the rose's hope of bloom only if
Lovers play with their fingers, lips bite too
As hard as lips can make it as love's gift.
Best I'm present dear heart with lover's pen -
Even rewriting's fun again and again!


I'm more than one student learning from you;
As the sparrow dips wings in his dust bowl
One of me feels love smother and feels new
And stays for such love dust makes him feel whole.
The air surrounds you and borrows sweetness -
One of me needs such perfume for poetry
And stays like a sponge to soak the best.
As the fruit of the orchard on the tree
Ripens ready for picking and eating
One of me stays learning nature's sequence.
The fourth student thinks he beats Love's learning
Admiring your mind - he's not totally dense.
I'm more than one student learning from you;
Can't help learning to be a man brand-new.


Grant gracious Goddess that I might still pant
Upon your breast not in doubt to act, or rest? -
Kill those foes of friends, Time and words like 'can't',
The falling tears each other sheds invest,
Be so smitten with mighty things you write
Bask on sunny banks - our spirits ripen,
Watch colours rise not fall as hearts unite,
Tire not of the sun's broad beams though they weaken
For moon's more romantic light then takes sway;
See God in clouds and hear Him in the wind,
Give thanks thinking us together this way?
Grant gracious Goddess that gold is our find.
Being your love, no badger will I be
And wait upon your wishes patiently.


Feel the flow, feel our spirits flow freely,
Distance doesn't stop them, they're homing pigeons;
No blocks like falseness, no two minds we see
And no cause, no trust have no friends nor sons.
Feel the flow, feel our spirits fast entwine,
Receive rosy cheeks of love making's fame,
Feel the rush, delight as you blush - be mine
As spirits kiss and touch and brush - we blame
For the same's taking place here night and day,
Feeling you in my bed, your bed, flowing,
Warm cheeks, warm hands, warm breasts - and warm tongues play -
Your rosy cheeks smile at our loved feeling.
Feel the flow, feel our spirits flow this hour -
Take my hand, receive love, exquisite flower.


While viewing, one's ache for your breasts is less,
Thought meets thought though our lips part not for voice;
Each warm wish contests ecstasy - breathless;
Neither cast spells so the other hasn't choice.
There's much joy when to the point eye's closer
And fingers would love to help eyes' feasting
And lips smack knowing tongue is no loser
And chief member wants something exciting
To paint in white his designs with desire
Hoping to spellbound his opposite member
That they might smell cooking, telltaling fire
That she invites often his red ember.
While viewing, one's ache for your breasts is less
Though touching's a good nurse most parts confess.


Your gift, your telling poems are stored for good
Within my heart's rooms, shelved to read with ease
Though rather than lover read, best you would.
Where oh where would to read sweet poems best please?
Anywhere I could watch your red lips play;
Moonlight? candlelight? streetlight? or flashlight?
All good, all good but there's somewhere I'd stay
Forever, forever if day or night
You might share poetry there my favourite place.
Where oh where would to read sweet poems best please?
Just before sleeping sitting face to face
On your bed, on your bed - do lots of reads!
All my life I have wanted and waited
For such pleasure without measure - your bed!


Love's eyes were dazzled by her breasts then closed
Feeling with rest they could resume delights
But the image lingered longer than supposed -
Confused not long, and opened for new sights.
Would fingers' eyes close? Love's eyes then wondered
And watched their tireless wanderings 'cross the same ground,
Halted by Her call that His timing erred.
Then thought Love's eyes, whether buried He need found
To close His eye for rest from the beauty?
At first He did go slowly for He thought
Nothing was better - how could it be?
She called 'faster' - He did then at rest He was caught.
She still lingers, to Love's eyes, He explained
Though buried that night - because eye opened!


How many miles to her desert lands from here
Where birds can live and blades of grass can spring?
Surely because the desert maiden's there -
Tiny twinklers here are there bright twinkling.
How many miles to desert lands to her
Where whispered whirlwinds always find her ear,
Whose elevated will makes winds just murmur
And her love croons one's noble bosom near?
How many miles to desert lands for love
Where peace cheers the mind, wild passion weaves spells
The matter of which dreams are made to move
One closer to one's chosen soul and bells.
When shall I come to desert lands again?
Any day but can't stay, that is our pain.


The moon in the bosom of harmony
Blooms oh blooms with our love as it looks down
On trembling emotions turning stormy
And then in panic of passion drown.
He knows distance doesn't discourage such love.
The moon sees the other side of things too
And hears the giant gum singing, from above,
Old songs of our new oneness, with friends two,
River and rock, music both forming,
Beautiful notes like kissing lovers' souls.
Moon knows distance doesn't discourage loving
That flesh has joined and for which friend nature calls.
So to miss that the hills fill the river
Misses that nature can join lover to lover.


With sweet woman's words caring, mothering
From somewhere for this blessed poet all alone,
Out of the blue, needed touch - touch thinking;
Thankful beyond knowledge of new life grown,
Like the baby bird trapped in wiry weed freed
By the poet - is the poet - the world repays.
With sweet woman's words caring when there's need
The poet was blessed, words few, words for always,
A handful cast like seed on soil ready.
Blessed are the mouths of women and men's ears
Where love's in the equation for then he
Or she like the poet turns seed to leap years.
With the sweet woman's words caring in the air
The world is good and men glad to be there.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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