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I Only Want To Be With You!


Can the bee be lustful with his sweet flower
And would the flower be best served by one bee?
How it is, is how it is which is sour
For the bee and flower who are taught wrongly.
To fill the bee's head with rules based on not
How it is and how it will always be
Puts that cloned bee's flight poorly in a spot
Unless he knows how it is, quite clearly.
Be not worried other bees benefit
From the rules hiding how it is to be
For the happy bee can see how to fit
Amongst the rules, amongst all one can see
And being lustful with his sweetest flower -
Know how it is, will be so every hour.


Let me see your mother-smile tender and sweet
With virtue and hope and love like the light
Of my mild summer, oh none can compete.
Every minute counts, let me be your knight,
The wind my steed, your spirit my spirit
To spread truth to hearts in need of romance
So sleeping seeds in the soil benefit,
The moon of romance does a moon beam dance
And our sons see and join our mission's light
Which is the mild summer's light for the world,
Hence we live! even in its warmth at night
While through your heart paradise is unfurled.
Let me see your mother-smile tender and sweet,
Pure sun, and forever my heat will beat.

3. Says the Poet of his distant Poetess.

This story is as true as it is strange;
I met her before I met her, not home,
At home that stretches like a mountain range;
I kiss her lips yet miles my kisses roam.
Oh I swim the oceans to her each night
And meet her before I meet her by moon;
Her room joins my room with seconds of flight.
I kiss her lips yet our lips will touch soon.
She sighs in my ear yet I'm miles away;
I hear her before I hear her, too true;
I kiss her yet our lips do not play
Though they will by moonlight, in her room too.
This story is as true as it is strange;
Between our room's more than a mountain range!


Poetess like pure apple pie, me oh my,
Baked golden, tasty to the best chef 'round,
Scrumptious, oh how do I love you and why?
Love you as my boys as babies crawled round,
Oh how pleased I would be if you proved me.
Poetess like the vale where I'm all seasons
Kind and sweet to creatures, even those tiny.
How do I love you and for what reasons
My lovely? I love you as each flower
Loves the sun's life giving power with its heart
For your poems move me right from your far bower;
If I died your breath would life impart.
As I love you by pouring out poetry
You too through your sweet poems more than poem me.


Oh my faint spirit was sitting quite still
Listening to your recitals that touched it
And the light of your looks did its eyes fill -
It panted for you like poets for merit
Searching for words to capture love's beauty.
Then you emailed me with hugs and kisses
And a giant storm crossed oceans bringing me
Strength to my weak heart that sorely missed
You my Poetess, spirit companion.
My face lit with your light-smiles that kindle
The universe to burst into a love song,
Singers of which, their love cannot dwindle.
Oh my now strong spirit is as usual
For powerful is your love, oh so powerful!


Who said 'Love is blind'? Not a mad lover
As a prince to his princess far away.
Who said 'Love's all in your mind'? No suitor
As a knight fighting dragons for love's pay.
Who said 'Where sleeps Baby Doll at this hour,
Where rests she now her sweet lovely head
Bathed in moonlight perfumed like a bright flower'?
As the mad prince, mad knight, that's what I said!
Who said 'Love's only lust'? Sounds like madness
Of a poet who misses the touch of flesh.
Who said 'Love's short and sweet'? Not the Poetess
Whose poetry plainly says love's long yet fresh.
Who said 'Love and life I want in her bed'?
As the mad poet, mad knight, that's what I said!


Little footprints on the sands of the shore
Remote and lonely, looking for my heart,
Twinkling writer's hands leaving love and more
Written there, since we were wandering apart.
The keen stars were twinkling and the full moon
Rose among them to ensure our union.
Sea sounds were romantic - then came a tune
From behind, a song calling, a love song,
The voice most tender giving the night soul,
In harmony with nature making lovers,
The stars, moon, sea and the singing one call;
On the shore, one sweet call love delivers.
Little footsteps, twinkling hands, searching heart;
Nature joined us - how could we be apart?


What food fed my first hopes of love for you?
You showed me Nature's awesome power on earth
And happy is he who knows where to walk to.
Two voices there are in my valley's path,
One is of the river, one of the trees,
Each a strong voice in my walk against doubt,
River says 'Drink love with your sight to please
And be filled with fire I cannot put out.'
Trees say 'Dance upright in the wind with love,
Make good shadows between the earth and sun.'
Your poetry fed me with hope so I strove
For your love as destiny to be won.
Happy's the man with hope and destiny;
No man's happier than I, believe me!


To the rich sky I look so my heart beats
For Venus makes love roll from soul to soul,
Love as fresh as the first kiss when breath meets
Though sad in the last touch when home does call.
So sad, so fresh the smell of her perfume
Thinking of days she into my heart skipped
When half awake birds knew of our bedroom,
Heard my low voice with love say, not tight lipped
'Oh once more, once more' in her heart lost.
So fresh and refreshing my dear thoughts are;
Oh cruel distance I don't count the cost;
With eyes skyward Venus winks from afar.
The mind in love is mindful of sadness
But love, as the birds know, is happiness!


Over a thousand days entering my heart,
Each day a dance, each day a song feeding
Our love a Christmas feast so that apart
Steps, tunes and appetites are appealing.
The secret is that we are in heaven,
Bodies not needed though we have bedded
And think the replay of foreplay even.
We dwell on touch without touch - souls instead
Embrace like we will in heaven, closed eyes
To open and feel sensations of earth -
Every beautiful look - all looks eyes-wise.
How could we not be in love? Love has worth!
We are practising for heaven down here
For smiles of love are multiplied up there.


Shall I compare you to a butterfly?
You're more delicate and more beautiful
Though Monarchs have grand markings for the sky,
Missions holy - no match for your sweet soul.
Softer than a butterfly is your smile
That alights gently on those around you.
You're more purposeful, shorter's your mile.
Short is the butterfly's stay - it's its due.
Your beauteous wings, never will they rest,
Never to fade in their lovely markings,
So long as men put beauty to the test;
So long lives my butterfly of kings.
And that long will my love be amazed still,
Wanting a love forever, with your love's thrill.


You have refined me in all that I am;
Through life's strife I had become lax and lost.
In most worthy things you've schooled me again;
Love, poetry, beauty, drive - without was cost.
I'd loved before but never seen beauty
That on our love was lavished when ladled
And poetry of our pens thrived wonderfully.
Out from your chambers where morning light dwelled
Came your poetry to please lovers world wide
But chief of your readers is a poet here
Bathing in love's beauty - not by your side,
Though all that's good and lovely joins us dear.
Your Chambers a school of divinity
I've visited and enrolled lovingly.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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