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Who Am I?
Am I just a figment of my imagination?
Am I living in a world projected by my minds eye?
I can see, touch, smell, hear, and speak,
I can laugh, smile, and cry,

But there is much I cannot do,
Much I canít remember,
I canít fly, on my own,
I canít stand the snow in December,

We live beneath the same olí sky,
Wish upon the same bright star,
Our ocean tides are affected by the same moon,
Whether we are near or far,

There isnít much about me that you donít know,
For we are neighbors in this existence,
There are simple moments that differ between us,
I guess that doesnít make sense,

Iím a girl,
That lives in a home,
Surrounded by family,
Yet I feel so alone,

I am a girl,
That lives with a dream,
Of being happy,
In a world that is mean,

I am a woman,
Because I am old,
-Er than Iíd like to be,
Or thatís what Iím told,

I am a human,
At least thatís what we call us,
But if you saw me from a distance,
You might think Iím a walrus,

Because I lay down all day,
And donít do a thing,
But basically make noises,
And eat what people bring,

I am a girl,
About 33,
Cause my birthdays next month,
Thatís about it for me,

I work at a place,
Thatís not my career,
I doubt Iíll be there forever,
Itís sort of my fear,

But if I could be here forever,
On this earth thatíd be cool,
Unless I missed out on heaven,
Then Iíd be a fool,

So ya Iím just another,
Person in this life,
Oh did I mention,
Iím not a wife,

As you can tell,
I donít have a kid,
Not that it matters,
But Iíd tell you if I did,

I donít like to rhyme,
But I do it anyway,
If you donít shut me up,
I could go on for days,

Especially about myself,
I am rather vain,
And I have several stories,
Fueled by my pain,

That I write about here,
If your interested please read,
Just let me know,
If thereís anything else you need,

Feel free to be my friend,
Iíve only got a handful,
I donít know who you are,
But Iíd love to meet you,

If youíve read on this far,
You deserve a prize,
Because this poem is,
Rather large in size,

But thank you for reading,
It was a rather large task,
If you have other questions,
Feel free to ask.


By PrincessWhit96

© 2019 PrincessWhit96 (All rights reserved)


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