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Volcano of Negativity
I'm having dark thoughts again thoughts I haven't had for awhile, I don't know what's wrong with me, I was happy one day and then ok the next day, and now the dark thoughts have come back I wish I knew why I was having these dark thoughts of disappearing from this world, ending my mental anguish, becoming an empty shell of my former self, wanting to end my life slowly by suffocation, not good thoughts for me to have I don't know what causes these bouts of dark depression it happens at random it makes me hate myself for feeling like this ugh! Dark thoughts pulling me further and further into darkness hiding from light, I don't understand! I feel like I'm drowning in my darkness my emotions haywire, tears holding themselves back as I suffer in silence, drowning in darkness and feeling no light crying out for help but nobody hears me, nobody sees my anguish and pain as they look at me they see that I am fine according to them, according to what their eyes see, but deep down inside is a storm of darkness, a furious storm of negativity engulfing what was once my soul of light and purity the darkness and negativity rises slowly like that of a volcano that has lain dormant for many years.

By Redrosepetals

© 2019 Redrosepetals (All rights reserved)


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