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Mistress Moon
In the silence she hears my plea as she watches over me, my heart cries out to her for comfort and guidance, and love, but she can only answer in silence as she cries for me from the sky above, I talk to her hoping that the talk brings me peace, as the sadness and pain leaks from my eyes, and she cries with me in silence only able to glow down onto me below.
My face is wet with sadness, my eyes stinging with pain my inner self longing to be free from the jail that is my body a spirit of a wolf, with the heart of a lion but writhing in pain and confusion, my life is wonderful, yet I still feel empty, and still speak to her, hoping she can bring me peace, from the torment surrounding my soul, as the dark thoughts attack my mind at the earliest hours of the morning.
My world lays next to me sleeping peacefully unaware of the volcano of negativity and insecurity it rises and rises ready to explode in a cloud of black smoke the dark negative lava of my anguish inside, and again she can only watch in silence and cry in silence unable to offer more then her soft white glow from above upon her child below.
Who is she you ask? why Mistress moon the mother of all her spiritual children with the souls and hearts of her children of the night, with the souls of all kinds of creatures great and small, human or animal, furry or scaly, we love the Mistress Moon our spiritual mother.

By Redrosepetals

© 2019 Redrosepetals (All rights reserved)


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