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The con worked incredibly well
It could not have gone better
The opponent was so hated
He began to be feted

They cheered his every lie
Each and every arrogant boast
Every insult produced rapture
As he poured on the ordure

He could say anything at all
It really didn’t matter what
That he could even commit some crime
He wallowed in that slime

No outrageous slogan was too much
Each rant received applause
Racism was greeted with extatic applause
He was accepted and all his flaws

His ego swelled to outrageous highs
He was center of all attention
He held the dupes right in his hand
Just as he had always planned

He could be as sick as he dared
As wrongheaded as he liked
They just applauded all the more
As he shafted them to the core

The world’s most successful man
A bankrupt con-artist swindler
He stiffed a country in grand style
All with a cynical smile

To the highest place he climbed
Because he knew exactly what to say
To give the cretins what they wanted to hear
Without conscience, without fear

To be given the presidential throne
To $hit on it if he wished
They had given their hearts for his fame
To a man with no heart to shame.


© 2019 KANEIX (All rights reserved)


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