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An Eagle’s Revelation
At dawn's early light
a frozen tick fell from an eagle
dropping gently past a shear cliff face
only to be caught by brisk winds sweeping through a mountain valley
and lifted
to the sheer heights
of the crystal blue ionosphere
drifted down lazily through a lingering cloud
with moisture bonding crystalline to its form
increasing in size
and stature
'till dawn's reflecting light glistened from a tiny frozen ice diamond
no larger than a flea
shot back to the heavens
on a passing jet-stream
collecting toxic fuel residue from an iron eagle
further increasing its frozen density
before descending earthward
in a projectile type manner
the size and shape of a pea
Its speed increasing
to terminal velocity
before slamming into the snow-capped top of a Rocky Mountain peak
causing the slow growth of a snowball
as it commenced to roll
and bounce
and tumble
with descending gravitational attraction
toward an enormous menacing
snow bound overhang
that shook
and exploded with the impact
In that very moment

time took a breath ...

before the avalanche dropped
from the sharp raw edge of the cliff
shearing off century old trees
and loosening rock in its path
increasing in momentum
toward an unsuspecting sleeping village
that had no warning of the impending nightmare
before it was buried alive
beneath a billion tons of snow

Laden with rock and trees ...

For the love of god ...
never ...
ever ...

'tick-off' an eagle.

By Eezebard_

© 2019 Eezebard_ (All rights reserved)


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