Get Rid Of The Advertisements


Jesus was sent to make us rich
This is what makes these fascists twitch
Their concept of Jesus is one rich Jew
With a magical touch for me and you

A man for whom greed is wholly good
And follow him to the cash register we all should
Screwing your parishioners is the way
To get what a Christian fascist wants today

Lie, cheat, mind-rape and rob, itís all good
For Jesus said a good man should
Just get the money, thatís the goal
Always enriching the immortal soul

Say whatever you wish for that income
Minister the word to those believing scum
Treat them like the dirt they truly are
And you will be a religious rising star

A new star over Bethlehem shining bright
Raining down on it always your fascistic $hite
The Lord of the Immoral getting filthy rich
Alongside your wife, a dominatrix bitch

Heal! Heal! And help our coffers!
Whatever you want, itís in our offers!
We will assist you to relieve the weight
Of those dreadful wallets at the Pearly Gate!

Give us your cash to build a fine place
Weíll paint it pink by your good grace
A temple to Mammon in the name of Christ
A holy whoredome... wonít that be nice?

We are the fascists who use the Lordís name
Gaining your money is our main game
With simplistic stories we gain your trust
So believe in us... you know you must

The universe was created in just 6 days
Look at our simplistic Bible displays
A dinosaur with a saddle for Adam to sit
And much more of this kind of $hit

Send us your sinners with plenty of cash
get your teeth ready to snap and gnash
Weíll make you Lord Zombies happy to see
Nothing but illusion... in eternity.


© 2019 KANEIX (All rights reserved)


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