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A Mothers and Grand Mothers prayer.
I'm a mother,grand mother and great grand mother to
For my children I pray for each one of you.
My children are now all grown up
I have one into drugs and alcohol fills his cup.
What can I do for my oldest son
He is over twenty one.
I pray every day every night
For Him to see Gods light.
His children yes all four are on drugs to been in jail
Time I feel as a Mother,grandmother and great grandma I fail.
My second oldest her son is so bad on drugs his mom don't see
I pray for them all and in my heart they will always be.
Her daughter I'n sure mostly alcohol she drinks
I must fail thoughts I think.

I pray as a mother,grandmother,great grandma
Some live close some live far.
Dear Lord lead them to you
What can a mother,grandmother,great grandma do?
First thing in the morning and as I head to bed
I pray for them as I pray the drugs don't leave them dead.
Help they need
Jesus I pray they put you to lead.
Through the day
I take a few minutes to pray.
For them and others to
Drugs and acholic oh Lord help us to know what to do.

By just_little_me

© 2019 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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