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I Love You Like No Other

The Poet became most comfortable
When those who read were not forced to read,
Could not be failed through poor comprehension,
Came back for more as a matter of choice,
Felt free to praise without strings attached -
Where before he had a captive audience
Where 'twas ruled a proportion had to fail,
On the bell most fled unless kept in.
Was he so poor he was rarely praised?
Once a poet he smiled at his comfort,
Glowed that more read than sat in his classes,
Purred that some read again and again.
He wishes to point out to those who don't mind
How love of his Lady consists more than of rhyme.


My Heart's mistress might well mainly mind dwell
Where smiles, sweet words and loved womanly show
Mean friendship rather than things hearts wish tell
Yet if fooled then foolishness grow and grow! -
Fool's gold I claim far out weighs gold's gleaming -
Never has such gold been so sought after
And to be the one her value counting
I show my foolishness quells poets' laughter
For my wise words borrow from her beauty
And smiles, sweet words and loved womanly show
Given with love make the poet masterly -
No other lady could make words gleam so.
Heart's mistress certainly in the mind dwells
But body becomes poetry nothing quells!

Notice the Poet gains his Authority from the beauty of his Heart's mistress (whom he suspects is The Goddess Of Love) so what poet, what suitor has a chance unless he wisely acknowledges such authority? - (the greatest love poets of the past have realized it). How did the Poet tumble to this? His lady alerted him to it. One of Love's secrets?


The Poet went to the top of the mountain
With fear filled words of 'I love you' to yell.
'I love you' he yelled, 'I love you' back came.
One day there came with the echo as well
'I love you too' and the poet saw a cloud
Dancing and twirling beckoning to him.
He guessed it was his true love and he bowed -
Asked for a true sign more or less a whim
That 'twas indeed she who little girl danced.
She made the moon golden, Venus closer
So the Poet rejoiced and crossed the vale tranced -
Threw words like kisses as he ran to her.
She took him to the mountain top hand held -
He yelled 'I love you!' her 'too!' made his world.

The Poet's Lady has a very beautiful side to her - that of a little girl and the Poet one day playing echo games with a small girl was Mused by The Goddess Of Love to write the above sonnet.


Would I fight for other long loves dear
For triumph, with pen strong parry and thrust
Though pretty, though young, though clothing sheer?
No! you won my heart with true poetry's bust,
Words sweet lipped, pictures delightful and love -
Beauty and harmony's poesy won -
Mind so clear, so caring, so born above
And then I saw an Angel of the Sun;
Books of poetry I'll write, praising and singing;
Learn from the pen masters the world who shook,
Parry and thrust with skill from their musing.
Would I hard fight for just any woman?
No! but for an Angel, write like no man.

This sonnet was written long ago before the Poet's first book 'Two Hearts Two Cities' had a title - before he even realized the full meaning of 'musing.' There is a touch of prophesy here.


Dear Beauty, who showed you both my weak breaths?
One that falters when talent tells with flair
As cleverness fancied steals wish for deaths,
To live loving both mind and body's air;
And the other one that stutters at sights
All men can't but take two looks at praising
Where wish to breathe you, made my words climb heights
Yet my words weakly tell of breasts breathing.
Dear Beauty, you knew me of old, pre bold?
What service to you did you wish though faults?
Once drinking at your fountain, warmed words cold
Deepened my breath, sent trembling to the vaults.
Oh dear Beauty you have becalmed my heart
Though the more you show me the more winds start.

The Poet sees no conflict in there being a divine being and Beauty operating as though The Goddess of Love and passing on power making his words climb heights. He does see a problem of painting a static God whom makes nothing more revealed other than is in His one old book.


Could two be one like we are one though two
And still be close though far on different shores?
Could man be happy as I am in you
And not prize your love more than peace no war? -
Or more gold than's ever been bought or sold?
Is his love such that rivers can't put out
Or worth more than the treasury can hold?
Are there no strings attached - one's free, no doubt?
Your love is such I could never repay
But you are rewarded here on earth dear
And made ready too for heaven some day.
We have every reason to persevere.
Forever unhappiness wouldn't be fun
But much fun well joined with sweet you as one!

When there is a beautiful feeling of love despite distance and the Poet reports such feeling to the world - is this not the Divine Being, the Maker of All 'speaking' through the Poet and when published in a book such as 'Two Hearts Two Cities', it tells of Love that exceeds all earthly things in value?


Between the trees of flowering gums I walked
While Love and my sighs sweetly intertalked:
Tell me said I too long from my love's smile
When can I hold her for more than awhile?
You fool said Love, with poetry's pure bliss
Show her that in everything sweet she is.
With words match beauty of her breasts and thighs
Then praise her lips and cheeks which light your eyes -
In that smooth river caught moonlight at night
Will dance her dance, will summon hold her tight.
But we already love, fantasize too,
Has Love not the power to make dreams come true?
You fool said Love, with poetry's power write -
With thousands of ladies for you she'll fight!

The Poet talks to Love as though Love is a person which allows the Poet to bring things out about love more difficult to do so just talking to his Lady. The Poet can be chastised and a brag that thousands of ladies will fight for him is not a brag coming from Love.


If we kissed in the park then there love thrives -
To take two steps back love's still in the park
Though to call and wave from opposite sides
Each past the gates our park lacks love, cold and stark?
You in your city, I in mine, we're loving -
Does love travel straight lines or the earth curve? -
Or our love's myth, moves nowhere, is nothing?
How can nothing change our lives, give man nerve
To fly ten thousand miles, woman sweet smiles?
My love's enhanced due to your great beauty
Yet your love's mystery to me, the're few files
On why love's given in large grand degree.
Your love has substance, has parts that vibrate -
Fills the park after dark, makes my love straight.

The Poet goes into a discussion of love and its nature as though giving a Philosophy lecture and comes up with arguments for the assertion that his Lady's love has substance (double meaning) and makes his love straight (double meaning). Such humour endears him to his love.


Love lives long beyond the blossom of youth
Where we fear failing strength and appetite
And dabble if we wish in things uncouth
For knowledge allows wide choice, wrong and right.
In youth wrong was wrong and right called strongly
Or wrong called strongly and now we're righteous.
Where love's best beyond we've not gone wrongly.
We love the happy who in love like us
Fear not failed appetite that multiplies.
Should we keep our secret from the young ones?
They would not believe beyond lie our lies.
Love lives long beyond youth's blossom most stuns
Where we're led to believe less thrust's wet weak
And now know in pleasure our minds do peak.

The Poet argues that one shouldn't fear the passing of time for pleasure peaks in one's mind as years go by. The youth cannot believe it but the Poet and his Lady know it to be so! The praising of time passing in love poetry is a rarity but the Poet deep in love is fearless in such a departure.


In heaven thinking thoughts without earth's touch
Proves that the spirit has something - exists
Yet sceptics question heaven where I'm much
Loving you and say unseens on earth are myths.
When my eyes see your curves hidden, earth here
Then sceptics would wish hands show eyes tell truth.
I say as I touch, movement proves you're there
But eyes must see what hands feel, adding proof.
So my love there's not lust when you're once touched
Even twice for shouldn't hands confirm beauty
By sliding over curves - earth sighs shouldn't be hushed?
Thinly cover what shouldn't be touched, tightly
And proof we'll give well and truly to all
With poetry, not for nothing did I fall.

The use of negatives in love poetry of high emotion has amazing effect. A good example is from a sonnet above which more or less says 'Make love to me until I am nor more'. The negatives bolster the positives - the more used the higher we raise the trance like state of love. The Poet counts 16 in 14 lines - that's an awful lot of bolstering - that's an awfully high state of love.


No need for man whom rules favour to feel
He should deny rights since women aren't men
Thinking strength not brains has force wielding will,
Man saying he can't help being strong when
Woman out thinks him, rules protect his sleep.
The rules aren't fair, the rules are corrupted
By He who made us says man thinking deep
And woman obeyed back grabbed hair to bed.
No need for man whom rules favour, give in
For men who love justly fair best, loved most.
The way of the world, woman ruled, hate thin,
Strength controlled by strength, controlled by Love's host
Provides for men freely, given Love rules,
Thoughtful, fair, less lies - rejected by fools.

The Poet humorously attacks established thinking of men of their rights as compared with women spoken in bars and pulpits and written in good books. Does the Poet believe any of it or does he say it to win favours in bed? Believe more in his honesty and his humour than any clever manipulation of a woman.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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