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Some things one remembers
Breaks their heart in two
Other things one remembers
Gives one the strength to
journey on, tears, like a
Sparkling stream, loosening
Memories, that one sparkle
At a time...comforts the heart
And eases the mind.

If not for memories kept
Of the times we laughed; of times
We wept...

There would be nothing but the
Moment we are live
Over and over again.

Worst of all - love would be lost
Too the darkness.

One remembers things for a reason
To relive the things that broke
Their heart; or to remember the love
That put their heart back together
When it fell apart.
-Jan Tetstone

7:11 pm January 26, 2019

By Heartsong

© 2019 Heartsong (All rights reserved)


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