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It's to late
I wanted to be wanted
I wanted to be loved
I wanted all the things I thought I didnt have
when I got them I didnt want them
They didnt come in the shape or form I thought they needed to be
I didnt want any of it
but you wouldn't leave my side
You stuck with me
He showed me the way and guided me to you
You took us in and gave us more than we needed
Now my heart is in a million pieces
I never thought I could have this pain
I never thought I could be put aside and stepped on again
Turns out doing this is your best feature.
This doesn't even warrant my words
It doesn't matter
You'll do it again
You say your sorry
and you'll do it again
Why are you here
Why are we here
because the word is out
things are done
it's to late to turn back
Maybe we could pretend for the sake of what's already done
My heart is in all the pieces I thought it would never be again
You have joined the club
You are now a full fledged member
you know the one
The one where you find me broken
The one where you pick me up again
and drop me like an unwanted fly on your plate
There is no redemption
You wanted something about you
Here it is.

By liongirl

© 2019 liongirl (All rights reserved)


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